Function Generator with Frequency Counter - Model: SG1639A

SG1639 series instrument is a kind of precise function generator / counter, the frequency range of main generator is from 0.02Hz to 3MHz (SG1639A) and 0.05Hz to 6MHz (SG1639B). The digital frequency counter can show the operating frequency of generator and test EXT signal’s frequency which less than 15MHz.

This unit can be replaced for sine wave generator, square wave generator, triangle wave generator and the frequency counter with the broad frequency range. And so, it is especially suitable for the teaching, science research and experiment about electron circuit and pulse circuit.

Technical Data for frequency counter SG1639A:

Main Outputs:

1.   Frequency Range: 0.03 Hz to 3 Mhz in 7 steps: 1 Hz,10Hz,100Hz,1Hz,       10Khz,100KHz,1Mhz

2.   Wave forms: Sine wave, Triangle wave, Square wave, positive-going sawtooth       wave, negative-going, saw-tooth wave, positive-going pulse wave, negative-going       pulse wave, TTL pulse wave.

3.  Output amplitude: >> 20V pp ( no load)

4.  Output attenuator: 0dB, 20dB,40dB and 60dB

5.  DC offset: 0- ±10V, adjustable

6.  Output impedance: 50 Ω ±10%

7.  Symmetry: 10% - 90%

Signal Waves:

Sine wave: Distortion:< 1% (10Hz - 100KHz)

Frequency response: 0.2 Hz - 100KHz << ± 0.5dB

100 KHz - 6 MHz << ± 1dB

Square Wave: Rise or fall time: <100ns

TTL output: Rise or fall time: <<1 us

Low Level:<<0.4V

High Level>>3.5V

Impedance: 600 Ω

VCF Input Voltage: -5V - 0V

Input impedance: 10KΩ ± 10%

Frequency Counter:

Measurement range: 1Hz - 20 MHz, 5 digits

Input impedance:>>1 MΩ/20pF

Sensitivity: 100mV rms

Accuracy: 0.1Hz/1Hz/100Hz

Measurement error: <0.003% ± 1 digit

Max. input voltage: 150V (AC +DC) (with attenuator)

Input attenuator: 0dB/20dB

6. Working environment:

Power Source: 110V- 127VAC / 220V-240 VAC ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz

Temperature: 0- 40 ºC

Humidity: RH<=90%

Dimension: (W x H x D) : 310 x 80 x 230 mm

Weight: 1.75 Kg (4 LBS)

    6 months Warranty

SG1639A Function Generator with Frequency Counter

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